EarthSave north February 2017

Try Vegan Public Chef’s Buffet
Friday February 24, 5 – 8:45 PM

Tamarac Community Center
8601 W Commercial Blvd
Tamarac, FL


herbivores, omnivores, veg*ns and Eaters Anonymous ie. everyone, to South Florida’s free, monthly, public vegan dinner-event “TryVegan Chef’s Yummy Buffet+” (usually Last Friday’s) designed to educate-motivate-inspire a shift towards a healthy-holistic-humane diet and lifestyle, while enjoying great food, vegtastic entertainment, informative presentations and camaraderie! Why bring lotsa fam&friends? Everyone benefits from trying-tasting-applying Vegan Messages!

● Free Event if you bring a reusable EcoPlaceSetting (or pay $1 EcoFee encouraging EarthSavers to avoid plastic and paper in landfills/conserve resources)

● R.S.V.P. STATE 1-Name 2-#Meals 3-Tamarac ” to RESERVE your YummMeal(s) via Text/Voicemail> 786-708-1028 |

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